As a boutique consultancy providing design and project management services to the niche motorsports circuit and events market, Mtrack can provide a personalised and bespoke approach to clients on a project, from start to finish or any single phase.

At Mtrack we look to engage with our client at project conception, collaborating on project evaluation through the master planning process and commercial feasibility analysis. Our focus is to define a cost efficient project which meets the requirements of the client and maximises revenue opportunities and yield.

We act as the client representative through each phase of the project, from planning approvals, design, construction, commissioning and commencement of operations. Our approach is to focus on simplicity, providing original thinking while maintaining an eye to the latest technical options and developments and to always be aware of program and budget.


Project Evaluation

The project evaluation involves an initial visit to the proposed project site. The visit will evaluate the size, boundaries, access, services and constraints, identify zoning regulations and develop a site risk analysis based on the environmental and physical aspects of the site.

The initial evaluation will often involve a 1 to 2 day workshop with the client in order to prepare a detailed Brief for the project which identifies the expectations of the client and major stakeholders. It will also identify an initial circuit layout and potential allocation for surrounding leisure and commercial land use, as well as potential staging strategies for the project.

Master Planning

The aim of the Master Plan is to provide a document which captures the major elements of the project, providing land use strategy and spatial analysis, design theory and concepts, identify any proposed staging and provide key information for commercial feasibility study and project cost estimates.

The Master Plan will combine a blend of imagery and supporting text and forms the blue print for planning and development of the project. It will typically include:

  • A plan identifying existing natural and built features of land, including topography, vegetation, buildings and other works, drainage lines and water courses
  • Proposed circuits layouts, ¬†including individual block plans for each element of the master plan, proposed access/egress routes, car parking and pedestrian and vehicle access ways
  • Conceptual landscaping treatments to be undertaken
  • 3D architectural renders
  • A report identifying the development principles used to guide the interpretation, consideration and preparation of future enhancement options for the motor sports facility. This will also be used to underpin master plan direction and prioritise land use and management.

Homologation Design

All motor racing circuits require to be officially licensed in order to host international or national motorsport events. This is achieved through submission to the relevant sporting authorities of a formal documentation dossier for conformance assessment against established guidelines.

Mtrack has extensive experience in the preparation of the design dossiers to sporting authorities and the FIA/FIM./CIK assessment and approval process.

An Mtrack prepared dossier submission will typically include:

  • Design report to support the dossier and outline the intent of the design
  • Circuit layout with track profile, run-off calculations, safety barriers and devices, marshal posts, ¬†start/finish lines, medical and fire fighting vehicles
  • Plans of pit facilities and paddock area, race control and medical centre
  • Profile of track centreline, long sections and cross sections at track intervals
  • Main spectator facilities.

Ongoing Services

Mtrack can also provide a client representation role through the design, procurement and construction phases of the project, as well as project detailed civil engineering design services through its affiliate, Greenhill Australia.


International events such as Formula 1 or Olympic Games are complex, multi stakeholder projects requiring extensive planning to ensure precision execution needed for infrastructure coordination, venue preparation and overlay installation, road closures and maintenance of a safe working environment, together with timely completion of all facilities within non-negotiable timelines.

Typical project management services Mtrack brings to major events include:

  • Preparation of design and operational briefs for venues and adjacent infrastructure
  • Development of budgets for capital and recurrent works and regular budget monitoring and reporting, including development of cost minimisation strategies
  • Tendering and award of design and construction contracts in line with relevant government guidelines
  • Management of multi discipline architectural and engineering documentation
  • Understanding of critical work items for successful staging for the event
  • Venue and circuit layout planning for permanent and temporary facilities specific to a particular event, including determination and delivery of facility requirements, participants, media, contractors, officials, corporate clients, patrons and all other stakeholders
  • Venue and facility presentation
  • Management and coordination of all on site installation and dismantle works
  • Development of systems to monitor, manage and deliver all facilities on time including fault rectification during event week
  • Post event debriefs with all appropriate organisations and stakeholders
  • Regular liaison with regulatory bodies and sporting organisations for circuit and venue design and approval
  • Restoration works and asset maintenance
  • Assist with community consultation in respect of the works
  • Liaison and involvement with a broad and diverse range of organisations, departments and individuals associated with the event.