Melbourne Auto Stadium

Cardinia Shire, Victoria



Cardinia Shire, Victoria

Circuit type:

Road Course, Grade pending



Proposed to be located in Cardinia Shire, approximately 60km east of the city of Melbourne, Mtrack was engaged to prepare preliminary master plans and track designs, 3D renders and preliminary cost estimates for the feasibility study. The study addressed development of a multi-configuration road course, 4-wheel drive track and go kart facilities.

The road course is proposed to be developed in stages, Stage 1 providing a 3.5km track with shorter loop configurations, and Stage 2 extending the track length to 4.1km.

The primary operational function of the facility is proposed as a driver training and education facility and also plans to establish TAFE accredited automotive themed education courses. Automotive based business operations are also planned to be located on the site.